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Piebald 100% Het Albino Proven Breeder Ball Python

Data Value
Animal Number O
Animal details piebald 100% het albino proven breeder - male (♂). A beautiful high white piebald who held onto his bright oranges into adulthood. Robin has a 'smiley' face in one of his saddles, which is a big hit at Science Outreach events! He's a sweet fellow with a great feeding response. He sired his first clutch in 2017 and we look forward to more offspring from his pairings in 2018.
Price $1000000
Python regius piebald 100% het albino proven breeder Papaya Pythons
Common Name ball python
Scientific Name Python regius
Weight 600 g
Current Data
Google Drive
Relations Child: O17-2017-50Child: O16-2018-70MChild: O16-2018-71MChild: O16-2018-68Child: O17-2019-109Child: O17-2019-112mChild: O17-2019-110fChild: O17-2019-111