Papaya Pythons
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Nice Contrast Albino 100% Het Pied Ball Python

Data Value
Animal Number O17-2019-112m
Animal details Nice contrast albino 100% het pied - male (♂). This little guy has great contrast! The pairing was a DH albino pied x Pied het albino, so he's 100% het pied. Perfect for furthering all sorts of recessive projects. He took his first rat offered, but we'd like to have him eat a few more times before he heads off to his new home. Shoot us a message to put him on hold.
Price $1000000
Python regius Nice contrast albino 100% het pied Papaya Pythons
Common Name ball python
Scientific Name Python regius
Weight 60 g
Current Data
Google Drive
Relations Mother: 17Father: O