Papaya Pythons
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Super Black Pastel Pinstripe 66% Ph Pied Ball Python

Data Value
Animal Number N
Animal details Super Black Pastel Pinstripe 66% ph pied - male (♂). Ele ele has a very different look than our super black pastel gal (Hematite). It may be the pinstripe gene influencing his looks, or it may be other factors. He does have a neat stripe on his face and lower 3rd from the pinstripe gene which makes him very unique. We acquired this guy to help forward our panda projects, but we haven't really used him. He eats frozen thawed rats or mice readily and is an easy keeper. He's got tremendous potential, so his price is firm. More pictures of him here: *There is currently a deposit on him*
Price $1000000
Python regius Super Black Pastel Pinstripe 66% ph pied Papaya Pythons
Common Name ball python
Scientific Name Python regius
Weight 818 g
Current Data
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Relations Child: A/N12-2019-98Child: A/N12-2019-99Child: N12-2019-101Child: N12-2019-102mChild: N/R6-2019-116f