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Pastel 100% Het Piebald Prob Het Golden Pied Ball Python

Data Value
Animal Number A12-2017-20
Animal details Pastel 100% het piebald prob het Golden Pied - female (♀). The sweetest in her clutch, this little pastel is beautiful. She has incredibly bright sides and an almost banded pattern. She's also 100% het piebald since Peter is her sire. She would make a lovely pet and a great foundation breeder animal! Her colors have gotten even better as she's growing, so she may be het for Golden Pied. We're still not certain how Golden Pied segregates. Only more time will tell!
Price $1000000
Python regius Pastel 100% het piebald prob het Golden Pied Papaya Pythons
Common Name ball python
Scientific Name Python regius
Weight 219 g
Current Data
Google Drive
Relations Mother: 12Father: A