Papaya Pythons
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Desert Ghost Ball Python

Data Value
Animal Number 20
Animal details Desert Ghost - female (♀). Nova is one of those snakes you just instantly love. She has the most charming, relaxed personality and is a favorite with our volunteers as well as anyone who meets her. Nova is also stunning! Her yellow color is indescribable, her sides are blushed and clean, and her black dorsal stripe is punctuated by perfect ovals of color. All that, *and* she has an appetite to rival a mammal~ She never turns down a meal and has the size to prove it. We are so excited she is a part of our breeding and science outreach team. She has produced several clutches for us so far and look forward to more events and clutches with this gal!
Price $1000000
Python regius Desert Ghost Papaya Pythons
Common Name ball python
Scientific Name Python regius
Weight 2341 g
Current Data
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Relations Child: L20-2017-03Child: L20-2017-04fChild: L20-2017-06fChild: D20-2019-72Child: D20-2019-73Child: D20-2019-74Child: D20-2019-75Child: D20-2019-76Child: D20-2019-77